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The Recess Project Inc. is a non-profit organization with the goal of transforming public school playgrounds into accessible and inclusive ones for students with disabilities. The Recess Project's movement is to upgrade school playgrounds by donating accessible playground pieces. Once a public school is selected from our nationwide nomination process, The Recess Project works in collaboration with the school, school district and local community to fundraise for the inclusive playground piece(s) that best fit the unique needs of that school.  When the playground equipment cost has been fundraised by The Recess Project, we move on to the next school in need.

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Established in February 2023,

The Recess Project Inc. was created to serve the many children with disabilities who are forced to sit on the sidelines while watching their friends play during RECESS, because their school playground lacks inclusive flooring, accessible ramps, or suitable equipment for kids with disabilities.

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