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Lemonade Stand 

for inclusive school playgrounds!



Step 1: Register

  • Register your lemonade stand by clicking HERE. If under 18, please have a parent or guardian fill out the form.

Step 2: Share your stand

  • Let friends & family know when you will be having your lemonade stand.

  • Share date/time of your stand on social media.

  • Let your community know!

Step 3: Get your stand ready

  • Find a table

  • Grab lemonade supplies

  • Decorate your stand with our printable signs and flyers by clicking link below

Step 4: Open for donations!

  • Serve lemonade to customers who donate.

  • Tell them donations go to help build accessible school playgrounds for kids with disabilities.

  • Thank everyone who donated at your stand!

Step 5: Ways to send donations to The Recess Project Inc.

  • Write a check or money order to: 


The Recess Project Inc.

PO Box 433

Wasco, IL 60183

Please do not send cash.

  • Donate directly on our website on any campaign. 

  • Also, please feel free to keep money for lemonade stand costs.

  • ​​Any lemonade stand that receives donations of $100 or more gets a signature The Recess Project lemonade stand t-shirt. 

  • T-shirt will be mailed to the address and name provided in registration form. 



Thank you so much for your support!

For questions or concerns email

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