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Our Beginnings, Our Story, Our Purpose

The Recess Project Team

Mar 1, 2022

How the Recess Project Started

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Help us build inclusive school playgrounds for kids with disabilities and join the movement!📣

What is The Recess Project Inc⁉️

✨The Recess Project Inc. is a non profit organization with a mission to partner with schools and donate inclusive playground equipment to make recess accessible for students with disabilities💕

Unfortunately, the majority of school playgrounds are NOT accessible and leave many students isolated from their classmates at recess. We want to change that and we need you!

🌟How to help🌟

Consider making an EPIC donation of any amount by visiting

🌟Other ways to help🌟

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All of this helps build a more INCLUSIVE recess for kids with disabilities and we thank you for all the support!

A huge thank you for everyone involved in the making of this video and being a part of our mission❤️

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