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Our Mission

Beginning in February 2024, The Recess Project will be hosting the FIRST EVER Swing-A-Thon! This event is to fundraise and raise awareness for an accessible playground feature known as the wheelchair swing.


Our goal is to raise $30,000 to purchase a wheelchair swing and donate it to a school in the U.S. that does not have an accessible playground for their student/students that use mobility aids.

Every child deserves to play, and unfortunately due to the majority of school playgrounds being inaccessible many students with disabilities are left out during recess time.

Will you join us for change?


Begins February 2024 - May 2024


Come on be part of the fun!

You can join us on this swinging good time challenge and have your friends, family, neighbors and community support YOU! 

Sign up and we’ll help you create your very own

Swing-A-Thon fundraising page in a few simple steps!


Click below to learn more.


Your support provides inspiration and fuel to all those who want to see us succeed in reaching our goal of gifting a wheelchair swing to a public school in need. It's more than a monetary gift - it's support and motivation for all of us participating in this Swing-A-Thon challenge.

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Become a Sponsor!

The Recess Project Inc. remains committed to their supporters and is very active on social media and email marketing with professional content creators to keep our followers entertained, engaged, and educated on our mission. 


With over 10,000+ followers on our platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and Youtube we would love to share your support to include children with disabilities on the school playground.


Social media insights taken January 2024:


Top performing video | 2.6 million views

Accounts reached | 44k+

Age range 25-34 | 28.3%

Top Countries | 75.5% United States

Gender | 88.2% women


Any sponsorship of $1,000 or more that receives an exclusive promotional video/videos on our platforms, will be contacted immediately to discuss any special instructions your company wants us to include.


Click on SPONSOR to see all the perks!

Contact for any questions.

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100% of profit will be given to

The Recess Project to help build inclusive school playgrounds!


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