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How can I best support The Recess Project?

There are so many great ways you can support The Recess Project! Donating to the cause and spreading the word are the two biggest ways that you can help us get the word out. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for the most up-to-date information and sign up for the national fundraisers we do throughout the year!

How can The Recess Project help my school?

As of now, nominating your school to receive a piece of inclusive playground equipment is the only way we can help your school. But we are working on some other tools to support you, so stay tuned!

When will nominations be opened?

We will announce this in our monthly newsletter and on social media (@therecessprojectofficial) when we are accepting nominations.

Can I be author of the month?

Yes! Contact Kayla Coburn ( if you are interested!

Any tips for fundraising?

Get your community involved and get creative! We are hoping to create a resource with more steps on how to get funds to build inclusive playgrounds. Once it is created we will link it here!

How can I make my school more inclusive?

Start with your superintendent and director of facilities to bring awareness that it’s federal law that all playgrounds are to be in inclusive since 2010. 

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